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i have such a strong love for this series. really related to tobias growing up. he was one of the few characters i read in fantasy books that didn't want to go back to being human.

i always thought it was so weird that people in general wanted to be human again when they were transformed. he was the exception <3

hilarious quotes (at least to me)

  • good call, jake: "Rachel is kind of pretty, I guess. I mean, okay, she's very pretty, although, since she is my cousin, I don't really think about her that way."

  • jake being sexist: "She's one of those people who always know the right clothes to wear and how to look like they just walked out of one of those fashion magazines girls like."

  • me (also jake being SO JUDGEMENTAL AGAIN): "He had been walking along, gazing up at the sky. I guess he was looking at the stars or something. That's the way Tobias is sometimes - off in his own world."

  • SEGA: "Marco and I had run out of quarters for the games, right when he was ahead by a lot of points. Mostly, we're equally good at games. I have Sega at home so I get lots of practice time in,"

  • yes grab a camera since you have no phone: "Marco said. "Should we run? Maybe we should run home and get a camera."

  • fuck yea tobias: "Tobias was actually grinning, but that's Tobias for you. He's never scared of weird stuff. It's the normal stuff he can't stand."

  • marco being marco: "Just how do you figure you'll save Tom?" Marco asked sarcastically. "Let's see, it's you versus Chapman, the cops, a bunch of Hork-Bajir and Taxxons, and, worst of all, that creep, Visser Three. All you can do to fight them is turn into a dog and bite their ankles. It's like being stuck in the most impossible video game ever invented."

  • i mean.. so would i: "Cassie is casual to the extreme. The girl just doesn't care about clothing or style. I swear she would wear overalls to a wedding if someone didn't stop her."

  • my bbies hork-bajir: "creatures that looked like walking weapons. They stood on two bent-back legs and had two very long arms. On each arm there were curved horn-blades growing out of the wrist and elbow. There were other blades at their bent-back knees, and two more blades at the end of their tails. They had feet like a Tyrannosaurus rex."

  • but WHAT IF I CAN PICTURE IT..: "it sure didn't sound like The Sharing was connected with the Yeerks. You couldn't really picture Visser Three or a bunch of Taxxons playing volleyball."