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i've been spilling my brain for years on google docs, so... here you go i guess

self development
  • emotional processing worksheet: link
games /events
  • the crystalline ball: link
  • spirited away feast: link
  • vegan thanksgiving: link
  • vegan easter feast (WIP): link
  • capture the sun game: link
  • how to give a guided meditation: link
art resources
  • how to seal alcohol ink art safely: link
  • how to draw human faces slideshow: link
  • how to take better photos for pet portraits: link
  • supply checklist for painting a mural: link
  • supply checklist for a craft fair: link

This area is for links that others have made!

website making tutorials

  • put a navbar on every page: link
  • how grids and layouts work using CSS: link
  • make text readable when it shrinks: link